Activities on Island of Lopud

We like the concept of Lopud as a paradise island for escapees from the daily burdens of civilization.
To help you put your mind to rest, we encourage you to enjoy some of the activities the island offers.




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Iva Kuljevana 33
20222 Lopud
Dubrovnik, Croatia


Joggers and hikers will enjoy variety of the island's quiet pedestrian paths.


If you love the feeling of riding downhill... The wind in your hair... The bugs in your teeth... But seriously, you will enjoy riding a bike in the untouched nature of this paradise island of Lopud.

Sea kayaking and canoeing

There are few destinations in the world where kayakers and canoeing enthusiasts can take in such breathtaking scenery combined with abundant, but harmless sea life and an ancient and spiritually moving living culture.

Mountain bikes



Swimming in the Adriatic Sea is a special feeling - it is warm + clean, unique in this modern world!


You can explore right of La Villa's front pier or venture to the sandy beach of Sunj. Your will also be rewarded by escaping to one of the more remote romantic rocky beaches - which are anywhere and everywhere on the island!


In our back garden in the shade of the renaissance ruin we created for your enjoyment a bocce playground. This originally Italian game spread across the Mediterranean during the Roman Empire and became an integral part of local cultures, including Lopud's. Our hosts will provide you with the necessary sporting gear and instructions on how to play. There isn't a better way to understand a local culture than to do what the locals do!